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CAD Drawing

In many industries CAD is used in projects for the process of creating a technical drawing using computer software – allowing for improved quality of design, improved planning through documentation and a physical visible representation of the finished product. CAD drawing is often much more than simple shapes or drawings however, and can include the drafting of further information such as materials required, processes carried out, dimensions and tolerations.

Many businesses hire the services of an outsourced CAD company who can help design figures in two-dimensional space or complete solids in three-dimensional spaces. 2D and 3D CAD drawing services can be an excellent solution for projects in numerous industries from aerospace to civil engineering, automobile manufacturing and many more. CAD drawing is also widely used for the production of computer animation for special effects in cinematography and for advertising. The goal of a CAD drawing is usually to increase efficiency and allow for an accurate representation of the intended final product, with information to help throughout the projects design.

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