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Uses of CAD

Computer Aided Design, or CAD for short is the designing and developing of products such as buildings, bridges, motorways, aircrafts, ships, cars, cameras, phones, televisions, clothing, and many more through the use of computers. CAD is used throughout the design process from the theoretical design or layout right through to the engineering of the components. There are numerous fields which use CAD including but not limited to: Architecture, Industrial Design, Engineering, Agricultural Design, Construction, Aerospace, Automotive and Consumer Goods.

In these fields CAD usually refers to the technical drawing of the project, using a computer instead of traditional practices such as drawing boards. There are many specialist software and pre-existing component drawings which are used by the operator to produce drawings and specifications that are later used to estimate the materials required to complete the project before ultimately producing the product. CAD is also used in civil engineering for the design of roads, sites, drainage and mapping and it is often used by interior designers to provide a detailed visual design to customers for a more precise image of what the project will look like on completion.

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